Southern Aspects

By E.K. Waller

Artist statement on “Southern Aspects”

When I go to a place to photograph, I am looking at What Is: How do the people live; what do they look like; what do they do; how do they relate? What are the buildings they build; what are their activities? What is their landscape? What do they create? How do they leave things?

I look for evidence of what is unique to the people and the land. I look for moments that reveal the crux of the humanscape. I look to absorb what I see and react to that which might be different to my “normal/everyday”. I allow myself to be attracted to things and people and recognize what is striking to me, always looking for that which describes What Is. What tells a story? What is different? What stands out? What is the evidence? When I am able to capture another’s reality, I have achieved my goal to create a picture that resonates. It is my hope to create images that are artistic representations of reality and fantasy and which motivate and delight the audience’s mind and spirit!

In Southern Aspects, I am revisiting my southern roots. I know it, yet I don’t know it. I am distanced enough to see with fresh eyes. Things that I used to think of as common, are now striking to me. Even simple things seem to have complexity enough to say, “That is something; that is an icon of this place; that is evidence of a people”. A man on a tractor in a half mowed field of hay forms a striking composition. An old grave site can be spectacularly uncommon. An abandoned gas station may now be reconfigured as a personal residence. An abandoned general store becomes a magical place of enchantment. A game of frisbee at the Parthenon forms a striking visage. A country mansion becomes a work of art. An old woman selling vegetables at her home on the edge of a highway is a refreshing respite. It is a search for treasure, this looking for images, that satisfies me to my core.

Attracted to photography in childhood, E.K. Waller received a Brownie as her first camera. She went on to study both photography and painting at Middle Tennessee State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education. After a year of teaching High School Art, she began her photography career working as a photojournalist for The Daily News Journal in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It was during this time that she cemented her love of photography, shooting photojournalism and exhibiting photographs and paintings. EK then relocated to Los Angeles where she worked in advertising photography while continuing to exhibit her fine art photography.

In Los Angeles, E.K. taught photography at Santa Monica College and Disney Creative Academy. She was on the Professional Advisory Committee at Fullerton College and was on the Board of Directors of Advertising Photographers of America from 1994 – 2002, Co-chairing the Annual Membership Exhibition each year. She often serves as a juror for exhibitions, most recently at Emeritus College and Santa Monica College.

In 2014 she retired from commercial practice to focus exclusively on Fine Art Photography, which she exhibits nationally and internationally.

She is currently represented by The Perfect Exposure Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

Exhibition dates: Thursday 22, February 2018 to Thursday 22, March 2018

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