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Day Of The Dog
Group Show

August 27, 2015

Day Of The Dog
Group Show

On National Day of the Dog we celebrate Manís Best Friend in all his glory. From the loving domestic sidekick to the wild dogs of Africa; the agile canine athletes traversing Alaska to the work dogs tirelessly herding livestock in Florida; the fearless animals rescuing victims of tragedy and still others donning the latest fashion trends. The Dog is often revered and sometimes overlooked, but always in need of more recognition because we humans can learn so much from these faithful, loving and humorous animals. Amateur and professional photographers from across the globe have presented images to benefit LA Animal Services.

Adrian Delsi, Aki Yamaguchi, Alexandra Baerg, Alex Cearns, Alicia Rius, Alicia Zmyslowska, Armando Arorizo, Ave Pildas, Benedict Bacon, Brian Zager, Carl Shubs, Carli Davidson, Carlton Ward, Carol Bishop, CJ Jordan, Carolyn Strauss, Casey Christopher, Charles A. Thomas, Charlie Lieberman, Chris McLennan, Christie Curran, Cindy Kelleher, David Darby, Debbie DiCarlo, Debbie Zeitman, Diana Lundin, Elena Shumilova, Erica Moffitt, Eva Lewarne, Greg Cohen, Hugh Brown, Jackson Davis, Janet Baker,Jason Elias, Joel Sheiner, Jules Clark, Julianna Koh-Blackwell, Kip Harris, Kirsten Bowers, Lana Von Haught, Larry Steen, Lisa Deupree, Lisa Guerriero, Melanie Horn, Nancy LeVine, Paul Walker, Rachel Lauren, Robert Sarno, Roger Clay, Ronald Hammond, Ron Evans, Ruth Ellingson, Sally Ann Field, Seth Casteel, Sheryl Mann, Sophie Gamand, Susan Schelling, Teresa Apollo, Theron Humphrey, Valerie Smith-Griffin and Will Burrard-Lucas.

The Perfect Exposure Gallery is the recognized venue in Southern California to display the work of award winning and accomplished photojournalists as well as works of photographers that regard artistry and craftsmanship as a standard of excellence. The mission of the Perfect Exposure Gallery is to present exhibits free of charge to the general public with the following goals to exemplify the rich variety and impact of photography, freedom of expression, a forum for the aesthetic, the contemptible and the sublime.

Exhibition dates: Thursday 27, August 2015

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