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"It Started in the 60's"
John Simmons, ASC

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"It Started in the 60's"
John Simmons, ASC

"I recently scanned negatives of the images that Iíve taken over the years and made prints of some of my favorites. Next I started printing and before I knew it I was up to over a hundred prints. Then I decided to frame them and some of them are being presented for the first time for everyone to see."
"For me personally it was a revelation to see the trajectory of my life through these photographs. It is interesting how each photograph is itís own present moment, a moment that is preserved and becomes the past. The image becomes like a myth, something that now expands its reality and creates itís own mystery and set of questions."
"Questions about the time, the life beyond the frame and me the first person to see it at the only moment it existed. The fact that it was an important moment worth being preserved and it has the magic to transcend logical thought and enter a realm of the symbolic"

"1960ís Chicago had to be one of the hippest scenes in America. It was at the height of the civil rights era and everything was filled with passion. Poets, painters, jazz musicians, scholars, hippies and revolutionaries mingled. Such a perfect time to grow up, trying to find myself. For me, it all started in the 60s."
"I was born in Chicago, on the south side of the city, in 1950. From an early age I had a passion for the arts. I spent time painting, drawing and knowing that somewhere there was a purpose, a path, something out there that was pulling me. I even tried playing the saxophone. In 1965 I cracked open The Sweet Flypaper of Life by Langston Hughes with photographs by Roy DeCarava. Bobby Sengstacke, my best friend Louieís big brother, gave it to me. Bobby, an incredible photographer, took me under his wing and showed"
"me the way. I worked in the darkroom of The Chicago Defender newspaper, the oldest black newspaper in the country. It wasnít long before I was shooting assignments. I was"
"16 years old."
"Turned on by the photographs of Gordon Park, Cartier Bresson, Dorthea Lang, Arthur Bedou and James Van Der Zee, just to name a few I knew that putting a frame around the life I lived and the things I saw was more important than anything else in my world."
"My photographs earned me a Presidentís scholarship to Fisk University where I studied art painting and shot pictures everyday. Film director, writer and historian Carlton Moss taught a film class at Fisk. When he saw my pictures and he said, ďSimmons, youíre a cinematographer.Ē"
"I received a Masterís degree from the University of Southern California in 1973 in cinematography. Iíve been a working cinematographer ever since. I am a member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), as well as, a teacher of cinematography at UCLA."
"Everyday I carry a camera and continue to capture an undisturbed look at things I see. It is these frozen moments in time that for one second say so much about who we are. It all started in the í60s."

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Exhibition dates: Thursday 14, July 2016 to Thursday 28, July 2016

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