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Before the Change, Cuba

As a photographer, I am always looking for visual evidence of human endeavor. I search for pivotal moments where I recognize human behavior that epitomizes universality and understanding. This is where humanity manifests: in the portrait of a people, in their daily lives, in the solutions they create for themselves, in the face of a woman, man or child. It is my quest to capture and portray another’s reality. It is a search for treasure, this looking for images, that satisfies me to my core.
When I had an opportunity to go to Cuba, I was elated to visit the “forbidden” island. I anticipated big changes coming after president Obama opened our country to travel there. I wanted to see for myself and capture Cuban life before the invasion of capitalism altered the magic and tragedy of this land. I wanted to show how the people were living and the resulting joy or misery that that entailed. What I found was a people who were happy in their lives, eager to express themselves through dance, art, music and sports, even in the face of poverty, as we might know it. To experience the accessibility and the openness of the people was breathtaking! The crumbling infrastructure offered a picturesque view of the reality of Cuba.
Opening reception Saturday, May 4, 2019. 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Comrade Photographer

For the past decade I've been working as an accidental Russian cinematographer. It turns out that life is a journey one knows not where it will lead.
As a youth, I never imagined visiting the Soviet Union, but it seemed to me like a parallel universe. A contrary world. They had cars, airplanes, buildings, but different. And big brother was always watching. One turned up the radio and spoke in hushed tones.
Now, the former USSR is open and normal, but always with hints from the bygone era.
The photographs here reflect my impressions with a little contrast to my own mother land.

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