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#bOObs for Life

#bOObs for Life is a compilation of visually portrayed stories about physical trauma, personal struggle, survival, and the celebration of life. The exhibition is the fruit of the collaborative work of photographer Sylvia Kouveli and artist Ted Meyer.
Sylvia’s work for breast cancer awareness in young women is a series of bold photographs depicting the diversity of female chests. It is meant to motivate the subject, as well as the viewer, to proactively monitor their breast health. #bOObs aims to inform and educate women, regardless of their medical history, while providing a safe space for open conversation within the community, both in the studio and on social media.
Ted creates artwork from scars that celebrate strength and survival. Through his art-making, photography and stories, Ted portrays the beauty and humor of physicality while exploring narratives of the human condition. Scarred for Life consists of artistically enhanced monoprints taken directly from the scarred skin of his subjects. Each image tells a unique story of medical crisis, resilience and healing.
These two projects come together in #bOObs for Life to create a unique visual journey and explore health, trauma and healing through breast cancer stories and informative material.

Comrade Photographer

For the past decade I've been working as an accidental Russian cinematographer. It turns out that life is a journey one knows not where it will lead.
As a youth, I never imagined visiting the Soviet Union, but it seemed to me like a parallel universe. A contrary world. They had cars, airplanes, buildings, but different. And big brother was always watching. One turned up the radio and spoke in hushed tones.
Now, the former USSR is open and normal, but always with hints from the bygone era.
The photographs here reflect my impressions with a little contrast to my own mother land.

The Wild Side of Birds

The Perfect Exposure is doing a call for entries for photographs of Birds in the Wild. The Exihbit will run from January 11, 2020 to January 31, 2020.

The space is limited and there is no entree fee. Photographers may submit up to 5 entries for possible selection.if you are selected, you will be informed by November 23, 2019. if selected the artist can either submit there on 11x14 print (the print must be from archival materials. No comercial prints will be accepted.) For consistency in quality of frames the gallery must frame all the art work. Or the gallery will provide printing and framing services at special rate for the show. The images will be for sale and the artist will set their own price. If the image (s) are sold the split will be 50-50 after cost of the printing matting and framing. if the images are not sold the artist will pick up their work at the gallery at the end of the show.

The cost for printing in house .
11x14 print $25.00 (canson platine fiber rag archival paper)
black wood frames 16x20 matted and framed. $88.50.
questions contact the gallery 213 381 1137.from 10 to 6 pm

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