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David Ingraham

David Ingraham is a Los Angeles based musician/photographer. When not working his day job as a musician, he can usually be found obsessing over and indulging in photography in one form or another.

Although he can’t recall a time when he wasn’t interested in taking pictures, it wasn’t until his mid-to-late thirties that something “clicked” and he began to take photography more seriously, immersing himself in the work of the masters as well as building a darkroom at home.

But after years of experimenting with different styles, genres, and cameras in an attempt to find his own voice, something unexpected happened that would forever change the course of his photographic pursuits: he bought an iPhone. Being able to shoot, edit, and post his work all from the palm of his hand revolutionized his whole approach to photography and he’s shot with almost nothing else since.

David’s work has been presented in numerous publications such as David Alan Harvey’s Burn Magazine, Inspired Eye Magazine, as well as the book “The Art of iPhone Photography”. His work has been exhibited at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, as well as Toronto Pearson International Airport, as part of the Contact Photography Festival, the largest photography event in the world.

As a member of the mobile-photography group Tiny Collective – an international group of like-minded street iPhoneographers – he hopes to play a role in the legitimization of mobile photography in the fine-art world, viewing it as the latest chapter in the history of photography.

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